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Tree Removal

We are a tree removal service in Woodinville, WA and the  surrounding area that will remove any tree quickly and safely, all while protecting the beauty of your lawn.

Tree Removal

We will remove any tree that you need removed. Whether it is a simple crowding issue, the tree is hazardous, or it’s in a tight and awkward space, we can remove it safely. No matter if the tree can be fallen in few pieces or needs to have every piece lowered, measures are always taken to protect stuctures, landscaping, and other trees which may be around the tree being removed.

We use plywood to drive on in order to protect your lawn when necessary. FLTS is also able to remove trees using cranes. Our state of the art chippers are able to chip up to 20″ logs, whole trees in some cases, making disposal of unwanted material simple. Big trees, small, hazardous, dead, dying, trees in small spaces, tree removal to uncover that perfect lawn, we do it all.



Tree Removal

We will remove any tree quickly and safely, all while protecting the beauty of your lawn.


Tree Trimming

Tree trimming helps the aesthetic, safety, and future growth of your trees.


Tree Pruning

We are experienced with all types of trees, ornamental trees, fruit trees and more.


Wind Thinning

Wind thinning reduces disease, allows more air and light through your trees.


Wind Sailing

This is a method of pruning that removes foliage mass which allows wind through your trees.


Certified Arborist

Honest assessments of your trees to help you plan the future of your property.


Stump Grinding

Our stump removal service gives you back the beauty and use of your yard space.


Log/Bush Removal

Safe and efficient removal of logs, brush and bushes from your property.


Emergency Tree Work

We provide emergency tree work service and are always on call, available by call or text.